Gender equality – The chances we deserve

There are several reasons why gender equality is good for everyone: good for childern, women and men – but let’s just say, it is good for humanity itself. Because we are all human.

From this point of view, there is no difference between one human being and an another. And with this being said, there should be no difference between the options given to humans, based on their gender – because we are so much more than that. We are more than an angle, we are more than a visible, obvious difference between one person, being, soul and an other.

Yes, in the same time we are different in so many beautiful ways, but the most similar – the same – in the chances we deserve. This should be enough reason to put gender equality a high priority for each and one of us, as a shared quality and right for everyone. Like our birth right, like our „human being” right.

More than a worthy goal, this perspektive on our everyday life is truly good for everyone: simple because it focuses on the integrity of us. It challenges us to see similarities everywhere rather than differences, while bringing us peace and acceptence in every situation. And when we see ourselves in others, we want them the same good, as we would want it for ourselves.

This lifechanging mindset can be the key to solve a thousand problem in such a short time, providing a much more worthy life for every one of us in Earth. How? It just solves an ancient puzzle, building a bridge between the huge gap of genders, pointing out, that inside, we are the very same human being as the one standing in front of us.

This change starts with a little adjustment in the way of our thinking – instead of the constant searching for differences, why not search for similarites? For the chances we all deserve, for the chances all gender, all human, all being deserve.